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Collection is from North London, NW7 4HR.

Delivery is free within 1hour of London.

£50 Delivery beyond that for your first dragon. £10 per dragon thereafter.

Shipping fees are a third-party cost and are always the responsibility of the customer (ie; buying, returning, refunding, or trades). **Shipping fees are non-refundable.**

International Shipping possible on a case by case basis - please contact us before purchasing.

Refund & Exchange

Refunds/ returns/ trades are NOT accepted after 7 days of the initial purchasing date.

Refunds/ returns/ trades within 7 days of purchase will be determined on an individual basis.

Refunds/ returns/ trades due to illness or death will be investigated (ie; Pictures of the set up and/ or questioning to determine the potential cause of illness or death). **Proof of the deceased animal (ie; photos or the return of the body) is required before a refund/ return/ trade is given. You may be requested to send the dead animal back for a necropsy.**

Trades may occur if the new animal is the same price as the original one being returned. If the new animal is priced less than the original, the difference in price will be refunded by Fancy Dragons. If the new animal is priced more than the original, the difference in price will be required by the customer before the animal is received.

Fancy Dragons reserves the right to deny a refund/ return/ trade for any reason


Dragons' genetics are guaranteed.

Sex is not guaranteed. We have several ways of determining sex but a few dragons have been known to slip through the cracks.

Fancy Dragons cannot guarantee how an individual dragon will look as it grows (ie; colour and pattern).

All animals produced by Fancy Dragons are guaranteed to be healthy, actively eating, and no less than 6 weeks of age when sold.


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